About Us

The ​objective ​of ​this ​initiative ​is ​to ​develop ​a ​comprehensive ​streamlined science ​curriculum progression ​designed ​by ​local partner organizations ​in ​close ​collaboration ​with ​TCSD ​administrators and ​lead ​teachers ​that ​will ​set ​a ​national ​standard ​for ​educational ​cooperation ​and ​implementation.

We ​are ​well ​aware ​of ​the ​amazing ​programs ​that ​partner organizations are already ​implementing ​within ​the ​TCSD and we ​are ​​excited ​about incorporating ​them ​into ​a ​comprehensive ​science ​curriculum. ​This ​initiative ​aims ​to ​unify ​those ​and ​other stand ​alone ​programs, ​build ​on ​their ​successes, ​expand ​programming ​opportunities, ​and ​create ​a comprehensive ​science ​curriculum ​that ​is ​integrated ​across ​other ​disciplines.  ​The ​curriculum ​will:

  • be ​in-line ​with ​the ​NGSS and WyCPS;
  • draw ​upon ​existing ​NGSS ​and WyCPS aligned ​curriculum;
  • draw ​upon ​the ​existing ​expertise ​and ​strengths ​of ​local partner ​organizations;
  • support ​TCSD ​teachers;
  • be ​implemented ​in ​part ​by ​local partner organizations.

Phase I

The goal of Phase I is to identify all of the organizations based in Jackson Hole that implement science lessons in Teton County School District (TCSD) K-5th grade classrooms, to align those lessons with the 2016 Wyoming Science Content and Performance Standards (WyCPS), to identify which standards were not being addressed by those organizations, to make suggestions where those gaps could be filled, and lastly to create a streamlined science curriculum progression for TCSD K-5th grade classrooms by August ​of ​2019 to be piloted during the 2019-2020 school year.

Phase II

Phase II ​will ​begin ​with a “soft” ​implementation ​of the pilot K-5th grade curriculum ​​in ​the TCSD during the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. A more complete implementation of the K-5th grade pilot program is scheduled for the 2020-2021 school year. Phase ​II ​will ​also ​include two more rounds of partner organization inventories, standards alignment, partner organization meetings, program analyses, as well as the development ​of ​the ​6th-8th ​and ​9th-12th pilot science curriculum ​by June ​of ​2021. We ​will ​be ​continuously ​revising ​the K-5th grade ​pilot ​program ​with ​feedback from ​teachers ​and ​administrators during ​implementation process.

Phase III

Phase ​III ​will ​begin ​in ​August ​of ​2021 ​with ​the ​implementation ​of ​the 6th-8th ​and ​9th-12th pilot ​curriculums. ​We ​will ​be ​continuously ​revising all the ​pilot ​programs ​with ​feedback from ​teachers ​and ​administrators during ​implementation process. All of the K-12th curriculums will be synthesized and made available to the Jackson Hole Community by the end of the 2021-2022 school year.