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Stargazing Programs

1st and 5th Grade Program Description: Stargazing Programs and Virtual Stargazing Programs are extra curriculum programs that take place at night and during the day wih our contact in Sourth Africa that can connect students to the rest of the Universe through seeing stars, planets, galaxies, and other objects through telescopes. Students can use their observations during different times of the year to understand the apparent change in position of the Sun, Moon, and stars.

1st Grade Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Patterns in the natural world can be observed, used to describe phenomena, and used as evidence.

1st Grade Vocabulary: Pattern, position, shadow, phase, planet, rotation

5th Grade Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Similarities and differences in patterns can be used to sort, classify, communicate, and analyze simple rates of change for natural phenomena.

5th Grade Vocabulary: axis, brightness, direction, distance, magnitude, orbit, position, rotation, shadow, star, sun

Science Standards This Program Meets

1-ESS1-1 Earth’s Place in the Universe

  • Grade: 1st Grade
  • Discipline: Earth & Space Science
Use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted.
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5-ESS1-1 Earth’s Place in the Universe

  • Grade: 5th Grade
  • Discipline: Earth & Space Science
Support an argument that differences in the apparent brightness of the sun compared to other stars is due to their relative distances from Earth.
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About Wyoming Stargazing

Wyoming Stargazing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Jackson Wyoming that excels at making the often difficult to understand concepts of astronomy accessible to everyone. Our mission is to inspire and educate through Wyoming’s extraordinary skies. We offer public and private stargazing programs, solar astronomy programs, planetarium programs, as well as other indoor astronomy presentations. Our vision is to build an observatory and planetarium in Jackson Hole.

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Who We work with all age groups from Preschool - Adults.
What We offer engaging indoor and outdoor lessons that cover Earth and Space Science, Motion and Stability, Energy, and Technology standards.
When Our classroom-based and planetarium programs can take place any time of year. Stargazing Programs are best suited for the beginning or end of the school year.
Where We can bring our lessons to your classroom and our planetarium to your school gym, cafeteria, or multipurpose room. Stargazing can take place on any playing field near your school.
Why Astronomy is a “gateway science”. It’s a hook that can get students excited about science who otherwise might never think about science as a career path. We excel at making difficult to grasp concepts about the Universe understandable for everyone and our portable space theater brings the Universe right to your students’ fingertips.