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1-LS1-1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes

  • Grade: 1st Grade
  • Discipline: Life Science
Use materials to design a solution to a human problem by mimicking how plants and/or animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.

Available Programs

JHCM Mimicry Lab

Students explore the concept of mimicry and biomimicry through interactive and imaginative games, labs and a final invention project.  They compare and contrast human inventions that have been inspired by the amazing adaptations of plants and animals. We focus on the adaptation of flight and how humans have mimicked birds, flying squirrels, insects, and even […]

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Walk With a Ranger

The Walk With a Ranger program is a great opportunity for local students to get acquainted with their public lands around Jackson. During the hike we will go over animal adaptations, talk about how we interact with the land, play games, and learn the seven principles of Leave no Trace. Kindergarten Crosscutting Concepts: Systems in […]

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Read “Owl” About It – 1st Grade

1st Grade: “Read ‘Owl’ About It” – This program can move in a variety of directions, depending on the needs of a group, but owls are the focus.  We may explore their incredible vision (1-PS4-1), learn ways in which humans affect their survival for better and for worse (1-LS1-1), investigate how owls are adapted for […]

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Meet the Fire Triangle

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Seeing is Believing

Students discuss and identify vision as an adaptation by using binoculars, kaleidoscopes and fisheye mirrors to simulate different types of vision and determine what types of animals see in which way and how it would help them to survive. Adapted from Project Wild, pg. 116. Cross Disciplinary Concepts: The shape and stability of structures of natural […]

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Opposable Thumbs

Students identify animals with opposable thumbs, and throw balls with and without the use of their thumbs to appreciate how helpful opposable thumbs can be. Students then discuss different foot and paw adaptations and create an animal track of their own with plaster of paris. Cross Disciplinary Concepts: The shape and stability of structures of natural […]

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Winter Challenge Field Trip

Students use their own observations to understand animal behaviors and adaptations while snowshoeing in the footprints of GTNP wildlife. Students will compare and contrast wildlife and human “adaptations” to winter. Students will create their own imaginary winter animal and present it to the class. Snowshoes can be provided. Cross Disciplinary Concepts: The shape and stability […]

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Animals Over Winter

1st Grade Program Description: Students will determine how wildlife have adapted to the challenges they experience during winter. Students will explore three responses to winter: adaptation, migration, and hibernation. Students will investigate the physical adaptations of wolves and connect how humans mimic their winter response. Students will explore the responses of hibernators and migrators and […]

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