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1-PS4-1 Waves & Their Application in Technologies for Information Transfer

  • Grade: 1st Grade
  • Discipline: Physical Science
Plan and conduct investigations to provide evidence that vibrating materials can make sound and that sound can make materials vibrate.

Available Programs

Ask Dr. Sam

Ask Dr. Sam is a student-driven, in-person or virtual program during which the Founder and Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing, Dr. Sam, will present some astronomical content of your choosing and then provide opportunities for students to direct the remainder of the lesson based on their curiousities. We’ll use web-based images, videos, and applets to […]

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Rube Goldberg Machines

Kindergarten – 5th Grade Program Description: Rube Goldberg machine activities are hands-and-minds-on engaging experiences that can easily be adapted for all grade levels and lengths of classroom learning times.  We can offer this program virtually by droping the supplies off with you and instructing the lesson over Zoom. Rube Goldeberg was an award winning cartoonist […]

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JHCM Sound Lab

Students explore how we can hear, feel, and see sound waves through interactive and very LOUD sound stations that include:  a Theremin, Chladni plates, tuning forks with water, sand and ping pong balls, random instruments and our very own handmade wave gumdrop wave simulator.  Students are encouraged to jot notes and observations in their science […]

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