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3-ESS2-2 Earth’s Systems

  • Grade: 3rd Grade
  • Discipline: Earth & Space Science
Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world.

Available Programs

Ask Dr. Sam

Ask Dr. Sam is a student-driven, in-person or virtual program during which the Founder and Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing, Dr. Sam, will present some astronomical content of your choosing and then provide opportunities for students to direct the remainder of the lesson based on their curiousities. We’ll use web-based images, videos, and applets to […]

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Continents and Oceans

Students explore different types of maps and globes and discuss regions of the world before playing 2 different games to test their knowledge of geography, wildlife, human inhabitants and climates of the 7 continents and 5 oceans. Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Vocabulary: 

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Distance Learning: Snow Desk!

The park offers three programs from Snow Desk, each tailored to certain grade levels. All of these programs will be broadcast to you live, via Zoom, Teams or Google Hangout, from a desk made of snow at the base of the Teton Range. No matter the topic, it will be an amazing setting and a […]

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