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3-LS3-1 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

  • Grade: 3rd Grade
  • Discipline: Life Science
Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence that plants and animals have traits inherited from parents and that variation of these traits exists in a group of similar organisms.

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The ‘Eyas’ Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree – 3rd Grade

“The Eyas Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” – 3rd Grade: A baby hawk or falcon is called an “Eyas”.  The life cycle of birds is both fascinating and complex and raptors are no exception.  This program will explore how the life cycle of birds (3-LS1-1) varies among species (3-LS1-2), using raptors as our primary example.  […]

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Wild Science Fest

Wild Science Fest is an annual nature and science festival, encompassing school activities, interactive science exhibits, films and science-oriented stage acts. The event spans two days, including a classes-only science festival day attended by up to 1,000 elementary and middle school students; a public science festival day with typically more than 30 interactive exhibits and […]

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