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3-LS4-1 Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

  • Grade: 3rd Grade
  • Discipline: Life Science
Analyze and interpret data from fossils to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived long ago.

Available Programs

A Duck Out of Water – 3rd Grade

“A Duck Out of Water” – 3rd Grade – Birds evolved from dinosaurs and early reptiles (3-LS4-1).  Over many millions of years their adaptations have become quite complex and specific, allowing bird to survive in an incredible variety of places using a wide variety of strategies (3-LS4-2).  This program explores the origins of birds, their […]

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Wild Science Fest

Wild Science Fest is an annual nature and science festival, encompassing school activities, interactive science exhibits, films and science-oriented stage acts. The event spans two days, including a classes-only science festival day attended by up to 1,000 elementary and middle school students; a public science festival day with typically more than 30 interactive exhibits and […]

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Distance Learning: Snow Desk!

The park offers three programs from Snow Desk, each tailored to certain grade levels. All of these programs will be broadcast to you live, via Zoom, Teams or Google Hangout, from a desk made of snow at the base of the Teton Range. No matter the topic, it will be an amazing setting and a […]

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Earth History Classroom Visit

Students learn about what geologists study, learn about local rocks and rock types in an interactive rock lab, and re-create the Teton mountain range and glaciation process with a hands-on model. This program is offered in two versions, 1st-3rd grade and 4th-6th grade. 1st-3rd Grade Option: By the end of the program students should understand […]

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