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4-ESS3-1 Earth and Human Activity

  • Grade: 4th Grade
  • Discipline: Earth & Space Science
Obtain and combine information to describe that energy and fuels are derived from renewable and non-renewable resources and how their uses affect the environment.

Available Programs

Bison, Tribes, and Symbols Classroom Visit

Learn about the various uses of Bison and their importance to local tribes through hands-on activities. Cross-cutting Concept: Native American tribes have had connections to the Tetons for over 11,000 years and still do today. Tribes are diverse and every tribe has its own traditions, culture, languages, symbols, beliefs, and relationships to the environment. Bison […]

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‘Egg’-cellent Energy for Everyone – 4th Grade

“Egg-cellent Energy for Everyone” 4th Grade:– The Earth is a machine which can produce energy on a magnitude hard to comprehend.  Humans have discovered ways to harness this energy in renewable and non-renewable ways (ESS3-1). This program is an opportunity to compare the pros and cons of many energy sources (ESS3-2).  We will then take […]

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Road to Zero Waste/Environmental Science Tours and Presentations

The first step in understanding zero waste is understanding how materials flow through our society. With industrialization and convenience-based products, this flow has become increasingly linear – more and more raw materials are extracted from the earth, then manufactured, consumed and all too quickly, disposed of in landfills. This pattern leaves us with a one-way […]

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