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5-ESS1-2 Earth’s Place in the Universe

  • Grade: 5th Grade
  • Discipline: Earth & Space Science
Represent data in graphical displays to reveal patterns of daily changes in length and direction of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal appearance of some stars in the night sky.

Available Programs

Ask Dr. Sam

Ask Dr. Sam is a student-driven, in-person or virtual program during which the Founder and Executive Director of Wyoming Stargazing, Dr. Sam, will present some astronomical content of your choosing and then provide opportunities for students to direct the remainder of the lesson based on their curiousities. We’ll use web-based images, videos, and applets to […]

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Sunset and Sunrise Time Graphing

5th Grade Program Description: This lesson uses data in sunrise and sunset times that students can collect inside our planetarium or find online. Students graph that data to discover the patterns of daylight hours throughout the year. We can offer this program virtually by droping the supplies off with you and instructing the lesson over Zoom. […]

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Shadow Changes

This lesson uses flashlights and Lego pieces to help students explore how the length of shadows changes throughout the day and throughout the year. At the end of the lesson they will understand that the position of the Sun in the sky determines the length of shadows and that the change in the Sun’s position […]

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Kinesthetic Astronomy

Kindergarten Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Patterns in the natural and human designed world can be observed and used as evidence. Kindergarten Vocabulary: cloudy, cold, rainy, sunny, snowy, sunlight, temperature, warm, windy 1st Grade Program Description: Our Kinesthetic Astronomy lessons have the students use their bodies to simulate the motion of Earth around the Sun and the Moon around […]

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Teton 5th

A 3 day/ 2 night residential program for Teton County 5th graders based on the Kelly Campus of TSS. This program is customized for students and teachers based on TCSD goals and priorities. Historically we’ve focused on natural communities, adaptations, and field research practices. Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Patterns can be used as evidence to support […]

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Summer of Discovery

Provides science programming for summer school students including field trips and science lessons in the classroom for 20-40 students for 4 weeks each summer. Content can be customized to meet student and teacher goals. 2nd Grade Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Events have causes that generate observable patterns. The shape and stability of structures of natural and […]

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Provides student engagements during teacher in-service days. Field based programming in local wild spaces and parks that can be customized to meet student and teacher goals. Historically we’ve worked with 4th and 5th grade students but have worked with younger students at their schools and in the field. 2nd Grade Cross Disciplinary Principles: Events have […]

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Planetarium Programs

1st Grade Program Description: We use our inflatable planetarium to help students understand the apparent motion of objects in the sky during each night, the changes in positions of the stars throughout the year, and changes of daylight hours throughout the year. 1st Grade Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Patterns in the natural world can be observed, used […]

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