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5-LS2-1 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

  • Grade: 5th Grade
  • Discipline: Life Science
Develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment.

Available Programs

Walk With a Ranger

The Walk With a Ranger program is a great opportunity for local students to get acquainted with their public lands around Jackson. During the hike we will go over animal adaptations, talk about how we interact with the land, play games, and learn the seven principles of Leave no Trace. Kindergarten Crosscutting Concepts: Systems in […]

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Energized Ecosystems

Students will determine how energy is transferred through organisms in an ecosystem and be able to describe the process. Furthermore, students will explore the dynamic and important relationships that exist among organisms in an ecosystem. This lesson includes a lecture and two activities (Build an Elk & Build a Wolf). Cross-cutting Concepts: Energy can be transferred in […]

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My Uncle’s Cousin’s Mother was a Tulip – 5th Grade

“My Uncle’s Cousin’s Mother was a Tulip “ – 5th Grade:  There are connections and cycles everywhere in the environment.  The air, water, earth and organisms of our planet are deeply interdependent and energy is in constant movement between them  (ESS2-1, LS1-2). During this program we will use raptors as the starting point for a […]

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Class on a Raft

Class-on-a-Raft program incorporates a scenic float from Wilson to South Park exploring riparian habitats, wildlife/fisheries issues, macroinvertebrates, human development, map reading, and more for 5th grade students. This is a direct program of SRF and is hosted through donated float trips from local rafting companies.

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Invasive Species in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, 5th Grade

This program consists of three 90-minute lessons: 1) Limiting Factors in Ecosystems, 2) The Impact of Invasive Species on a Model Elk Population, 3) Managing Invasive Species. 1) Limiting Factors in Ecosystems: Learning Objectives: Students will learn that limiting factors, both abiotic and biotic, support biodiversity and maintain ecosystems in a stable state by preventing […]

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Teton 5th

A 3 day/ 2 night residential program for Teton County 5th graders based on the Kelly Campus of TSS. This program is customized for students and teachers based on TCSD goals and priorities. Historically we’ve focused on natural communities, adaptations, and field research practices. Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Patterns can be used as evidence to support […]

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Summer of Discovery

Provides science programming for summer school students including field trips and science lessons in the classroom for 20-40 students for 4 weeks each summer. Content can be customized to meet student and teacher goals. 2nd Grade Cross Disciplinary Concepts: Events have causes that generate observable patterns. The shape and stability of structures of natural and […]

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Provides student engagements during teacher in-service days. Field based programming in local wild spaces and parks that can be customized to meet student and teacher goals. Historically we’ve worked with 4th and 5th grade students but have worked with younger students at their schools and in the field. 2nd Grade Cross Disciplinary Principles: Events have […]

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