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MS-LS2-4 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

  • Grade: Middle School
  • Discipline: Life Science
Construct an argument supported by empirical evidence that changes to physical or biological components of an ecosystem affect populations.

Available Programs

Wolf Town Hall Classroom Visit

Students explore contrasting perspectives about wolf and wildlife management through mock town hall meetings. Cross-cutting Concept: Wolves are controversial in the valley of Jackson Hole, and beyond. There are many different stakeholder interests; finding a middle ground is challenging. Vocabulary: Fact vs. Myth, Mediator/Facilitator, stakeholders, controversy

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Earth History Classroom Visit

Students learn about what geologists study, learn about local rocks and rock types in an interactive rock lab, and re-create the Teton mountain range and glaciation process with a hands-on model. This program is offered in two versions, 1st-3rd grade and 4th-6th grade. 1st-3rd Grade Option: By the end of the program students should understand […]

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